September 2, Monday

13:00~13:05 Information
13:05~13:10 Greeting from Dr.Tsunehiro Mukai

(JST PREST Supervisor, President of Nishikyushu University)

Histone modification and Epigenetics (I) (Chair : Yoichi Shinkai)
13:10~13:50 Lorraine Pillus

“Modifying chromatin to modulate chromosomal function.”

13:50~14:30 Jacques Cote

“Regulation of genome expression and stability by MYST acetyltransferase complexes: chromatin and beyond.”

14:30~14:50 Hiroaki Kato

“Spt6 prevents transcription-coupled loss of posttranslationally modified histone H3. ”

14:50~15:10 coffee break

Heterochromatin and Epigenetics (I) (Chair : Tetsushi Iida)
15:10~15:35 Yota Murakami

“Co-transcriptional regulation of heterochromatin in fission yeast.”

15:35~16:15 Danesh Moazed

“Mechanism of RNAi-mediated heterochromatin formation and propagation.”

16:15~16:35 Shinya Takahata

“Heterochromatic Silencing Defect in FACT mutant is Concomitant With Impaired H2A/H2B Reorganization.”

16:35~16:55 coffee break

Heterochromatin and Epigenetics (II) (Chair : Yota Murakami)
16:55~17:35 Robert Martienssen

“RNAi and Cenp-B coordinate DNA replication and epigenetic modification in heterochromatin.”

17:35~18:00 Jun-ichi Nakayama

“Roles of chromodomain proteins in higher-order chromatin assembly.”

18:00~18:20 Noriyuki Suka

“H3K9me-independent function of HP1 in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.”

18:20~19:30 dinner

Non-coding RNA and Epigenetics (Chair : Jun-ichi Nakayama)
19:30~19:50 Tokio Tani

“Novel Roles of the Pre-mRNA Splicing Machinery in the RNAi-mediated Centromeric Gene Silencing.”

19:50~20:15 Kunihiro Ohta

“Chromatin regulation by stress-induced lncRNAs.”

20:15~20:55 Toshio Tsukiyama

“Regulation and functions of non-coding RNA.”

20:55~ Free discussion (with beer)

September 3, Tuesday

7:00~9:00 Breakfast

Epigenetics of Telomere and Centromere (I) (Chair : Noriyuki Suka)
9:00~9:20 Masaru Ueno

“Resection of uncapped telomere in fission yeast S. pombe”

9:20~10:00 Ann E. Ehrenhofer-Murray

“Regulation of centromere function by posttranslational modifications on CenH3.”

10:00~10:25 Kojiro Ishii

“Chromosomal reorganizations after centromere dysfunction.”

10:25~10:45 Hisao Masukata

“Replication timing control by centromere and telomere binding proteins.”

10:45~11:05 coffee break

Epigenetics of Telomere and Centromere (II) (Chair : Kojiro Ishii)
11:05~11:45 Jin-Qiu Zhou

“Epigenetic regulation of telomere heterochromatin assembly.”

11:45~12:05 Junko Kanoh

“Structure and functions of subtelomere.”

12:05~12:30 Katsunori Tanaka

“SUMOylation Regulates Telomere Length Homeostasis by Targeting The Shelterin Subunit Tpz1 in Fission Yeast.”

12:30~12:40 Photography

12:40~13:30 lunch

13:30~15:30 Poster

Epigenetics and Chromosome organization (Chair : Hiroaki Kato)
15:30~16:10 Rohinton T. Kamakaka

“Organization of the eukaryotic nucleus- A Journey.”

16:30~16:55 Katsuhiko Shirahige

“Transcriptional Regulation by SMC protein.”

16:55~17:35 Marc R. Gartenberg

“tRNA Transcription at Nuclear Pore Complexes: Gene Gating for RNA Pol III?”

17:35~17:55 Yuko Imamura

“Two isoforms of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex play the different roles in autophagy regulation.”

19:00~ Dinner& Party

September 4, Wedenesday

7:00~9:00 Breakfast

Epigenetics and 3R (Replication, Recombination, Repair) (Chair : Katsunori Tanaka)
9:00~9:40 Eishi Noguchi

“Local and global functions of Swi1(Timeless) and Swi3(Tipin) in replication fork protection.”

9:40~10:05 Tetsushi Iida

“Repair? Frequent events on yeast genome.”

10:05~10:45 Cheng-Fu Kao

“A chromatin checkpoint in response to replication stress.”

10:45~11:05 Masahiko Harta

“Contribution of SWR1- and INO80 chromatin remodeling complexes to the spatial positioning of DNA double-strand break.”

11:05~11:25 coffee break

Histone modification and Epigenetics (II) (Chair : Hisao Moriya)
11:25~12:05 Jerry L. Workman

“reSETting chromatin during transcription elongation.”

12:05~12:25 Hideaki Tagami

“Role of a new histone H3 binding protein in chromatin regulation.”

12:25~13:30 lunch

New field of Epigenetics (Chair : Hideaki Tagami)
13:30~13:55 Hisao Moriya

“Measuring the copy number limit of gene-overexpression in yeasts.”

13:55~14:30 Masaya Oki/ Tetsuya. J. Kobayashi

“Analysis of changes in Epigenetic gene expression by single cell.”

14:30~14:50 Hironori Niki

“Synchronous activation of cell division by light or temperature in the dimorphic yeast Schizosaccharomyces japonicas.”

14:50~15:50 Panel Discussion

“The future of the yeast study.”
Chair : Toshio Tsukiyama
Panelist : Invited speaker

40 min : Talk 30 min, Discussion 10 min
25 min : Talk 20 min, Discussion 5 min
20 min : Talk 15 min, Discussion 5 min